Judith Herman's Stages of Trauma Recovery



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Tragic events can rip apart a person's sense of safety and trust. This is especially true when difficulties occurred during childhood. The symptoms of stress imprisons us from living the life we really want. For some, establishing emotional stability is the first step. Individual counseling sessions are a useful way for regaining a sense of balance.

Remembrance and Mourning


The impact of extreme challenges can be lasting if natural recovery becomes stuck. With counseling you can become unstuck and find relief. Breaking out of the prison of symptoms allows you to ask what you really want for your life. Individual counseling and group counseling are designed to help you with this process.


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Reconnecting is achieving the emotional and relational life you want; maybe for the first time. This is also called "post-traumatic growth". Living a life of feeling safe and connected is the opposite of traumatic stress. Take action today to get your life back!


Take Action

The first session is often the scariest to schedule, but there's no better time than now.

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